Findings and Finished Jewelry

Most of our necklace pendants are completed with a stylish metal bail or set in a simple wire­ wrap, designed to complement but not overwhelm the shape, patterns, and natural beauty of the stones. The focus remains on the stones. The bails are set to the stone using industrial­ strength jewelers glue, come in a variety of patterns, and are typically silver-­plated, copper or brass. The wire used for wire­ wrapping is silver-filled sterling silver, stainless steel, copper or brass. Ear wires used to complete our earrings are generally surgical steel or sterling silver, but occasionally are copper or bronze to match or accent colors in the stones.

Often, our wire- wrapped pieces are completed using a coiled pattern inspired by Chaco Canyon culture and ancient sundial petroglyphs. An ancient Puebloan culture inhabited Chaco Canyon in northwest New Mexico from around 800 to 1200 AD, and made significant advances in astronomy, including carving a sundial petroglyph high on a rock wall to monitor the seasons and solar equinoxes. It is a fascinating area and history, and we believe the simple coil pattern makes a bold statement on some of our wire-wrapped jewelry pieces.