Lapidary Arts – the art of cutting and polishing stones to make beautiful, ornate jewelry – has been practiced for thousands of years. Before modern equipment existed, saws and wheels used to cut, grind and polish stones were powered by water wheels and mills set along rivers to harness the natural energy of the flowing water. Since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to modern times, the art of stone cutting has continued to evolve, and new rock sources are continually being discovered in many remote regions of the world, providing new materials to craft into beautiful stone jewelry.

Jordana Stone Design is a collaboration between Mark and Gail Jordana, longtime married partners, travelers, and designers. Our small business serves as the ideal means to link our interests in travel, the natural environment, and designing and creating handmade stone jewelry. Mark, a geologist, has amassed a significant collection of stones from around the world, and understands the processes that formed the rocks to create the wide variety of colors, textures and patterns found in the many semi­precious stones used to create our jewelry. Everything is handcrafted on­site in our St. Augustine, Florida rock shop and studio, and displayed in local Farmers Markets and craft shows, as well as available online.